Flight Training

Our Introductory Flight Program

The club offers an introductory RC airplane flight at the club field to newcomers desiring a hands-on RC experience with an eye toward joining the club.

The guest will participate in controlling a club trainer airplane during flight. This is accomplished safely via a second controller ("buddy box") interconnected with the instructor's transmitter.

There is no charge for this service. Contact: Jan Jansen (314-234-2459)

Member Flight Instruction

The club offers R/C airplane flight instruction at the club field to aid club members learning to fly.   We also have a couple of trainer airplane setups to facilitate that learning process.   Our Flight Instruction Coordinator heads a list of club members that are able and willing to help people learn.   Our Instructors:

  • email: flight@phantomflyersrc.com
  • Ed White (636) 441-6431
  • Jim West (636) 922-1220
  • Larry Anderson 636-673-1535

When using the club airplanes to learn to fly, students should provide their own fuel.

Helpful Training Links

Sport Aviator E-Zine
1st U.S. R/C Flight School
EasyRC ... a Tower Hobbies feature
Aircraft Proving Grounds...beginner article

Flight Simulation

Flight simulation software provides valuable training at all skill levels. Such software can be obtained for free to approximately $200.  An adequately-powered computer system is essential, however, so be sure to check the minimum system requirements.  It is well worth the investment to set up a good simulation environment.  You'll find the inevitable "incidents" to be far less stressful in the sim, and the repairs cheaper and quicker. Today's good sims can be exceptionally realistic!